Hello Sweetness

frequently asked questions

We make by hand, with love, to order. Contact us for our set prices and we can take your order by phone, email or even text. Order your goodies by Monday and we will get them to you within that week.

We use United Organics as a distributor to get treats to many of our wholesale customers, otherwise there is a flat delivery fee of $5 for the Greater Brisbane Region. If you are further afield, get in touch and we would love to work on a solution to get our treats to you.

We do not require a minimum order amount. If you would like to pick up from our commercial premises, we welcome your visit to the Food Connect Shed in Salisbury at a pre-arranged time.

We are and always will be totally vegan. All our raw treats are gluten-free and always will be. We do have offerings that are baked and gluten-free or low-gluten. If the latter, that will always be made clear in the menu. Mrs Bean’s Nutmeg, Ginger & Apple Snaps and Melting Moments are NOT gluten-free.

We endeavour to use 95% certified organic ingredients, unless there is an ingredient we find impossible to source certified. In this rare situation we will source the best chemical-free alternative, and the menu will specify that. We will never add artificial preservatives, flavours, essences or colours to anything we make.

We love the concentrated sweetness of dried fruits, and their wholefood nutritiousness makes our treats satisfying in ways sweets with refined sugars could never do. We add only one sweetener to our raw treats – organic coconut nectar, collected by hand from the blossoms of the coconut palm. It is our choice to use the most sustainable, minimally-processed, rich in micronutrients, delicious sweetener available. We do add crystallised organic sugars to our baked goodies, using coconut sugar in most cases.

Our desserts love (and need) refrigeration to keep their form, though freezing won’t affect their flavour and will extend their shelf life for many months. Our high quality ingredients and methods means with refrigeration they will last for at least 3 weeks (usually more) to please your customers.

Unfortunately we don’t offer direct delivery of retail quantities of our wholesale desserts. However, Food Connect offers a selection of 7pce or 2pce Hello Sweetness packs. Head over to this amazing social enterprise if you’d like to order a sampler!

You’re also welcome to contact us to order a wholesale amount of our desserts. We don’t have a minimum spend, only minimum quantities.

We have the loveliest cafes, social enterprises and stores stocking our wholesale desserts. Head to our stockist page to find their details, though this list might not always be complete. Please feel welcome to email us for more information about a stockist near you, or recommend us to your favourite cafe to make things even easier 🙂

Our beautiful desserts are full of many types of nuts and seeds. While we endeavour to avoid cross-contamination, all our treats are made using the same equipment. To avoid nuts, we recommend our Just Seedy Slice, Melting Moments and some of our raw chocolate bars, which will be on the menu soon. To avoid gluten, choose anything except our Spelt flour Melting Moments.

It would be our pleasure to put together a menu of sweet delights for your important occasion – corporate, formal or sweet and simple. Get in touch and let’s collaborate! We are part of a food-loving community of producers, makers and artisans who would be able to round out your event with a local, original and delectable spread!

We have sourced plain kraft compostable cardboard trays and containers to get our wholesale desserts to you. With our smaller gift packs, we use plant-based biodegradable containers and trays. Re-use is the best use of packaging, so we employ sturdy fruit and veg boxes and styros from our friends at Food Connect for deliveries, again and again. Minimising waste is always a priority for us, and we pride ourselves on creating as little of it as possible.

Periodically we make treats that might suit a celebratory time or season … or because we have a fantastic creation we want to introduce you to. These may or may not make it onto our permanent menu, so keep an eye on our social media so you can mix things up for your customers!

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