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We are a Brisbane business supplying cafes, stores and caterers made-to-order raw, vegan, gluten-free desserts and treats, all using certified organic ingredients.

We make luscious small-batch vegan (and mostly raw) gluten-free desserts and goodies using organic ingredients, with a focus on our local suppliers.

There is always experimenting happening in the kitchen, so you’ll see some more unusual goodies being added to the menu to pique your interest too.

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& operated

Hello Sweetness is the creative enterprise of a family of two, Kim and Ix.

Kim kas a long history in the organic foods industry, with food mycology and fermentation expertise. Ix has always loved being in the kitchen, concocting savoury and sweet delights. A natural culinary whiz!

Together Kim and Ix are excitedly pouring their gastronomic passion and skills into Hello Sweetness.

Our commitment to

Ethics & values

So many things are important to us when it comes to our ethical values! From ethically sourced ingredients to the organisations we support, we are committed to doing good wherever possible.

Hello Sweetness works out of the wonderful commercial kitchen at Food Connect Shed. We collaborate with fellow small-batch makers and suppliers whenever we can, to contribute to our local, food-loving community.

Everything that goes into what we send out matters, including the waste we produce – so you’ll see biodegradable, recyclable or repurposed packaging wherever possible.

We are also proud to give 5% of our profits to Rainforest Rescue each year. This Australian organisation seeks to buy rainforest habitat here and abroad to conserve ecosystems, and the myriad flora, fauna and fungal inhabitants that form them.

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